Apr 22, 2009

Review | If This Bed Could Talk by Liz Maverick, Lynn LaFleur, Kimberly Dean

Title: If This Bed Could Talk by Liz Maverick, Lynn LaFleur, Kimberly Dean
Series: N/A
Genre: Adult - Romance
Published: May 23rd 2006 by Avon Red
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased
Rating: ★★

Synopsis: Agent provocateur Liz Maverick: A deadly agent is assigned to prepare an exotic beauty to be the ultimate seductress and perfect spy . . . lessons that will require long hours of personal instruction to perfect her ability to pleasure a man . . . and, ultimately, conquer him.

Unrequited Kimberly Dean: After years of secret longing for his brother's wife, Tyler rejoices when she is set free and ripe for new love—though it may take a prolonged seduction to convince wary Trista to open herself up to pleasure once more.

Victim of Deception Lynn LaFleur: When a woman moves into an old house, she is suddenly tantalized by erotic dreams that cause her to shed her every inhibition . . . leaving her vulnerable to the very real, very irresistible ministrations of the man who'd once broken her heart.

Thoughts: Some erotic romance novel. Three short stories, sure to make things interesting. I picked it up along with a few other books at a local dollar bookstore a while ago. I just needed something romatic-ish without the young-ish part that I've been reading recently. A good beach book kind of read. Made me wish it was summer and that I was tanning somewhere hot.

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