Apr 24, 2009

Review | Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit

For like the fifty-millionth time. I love, love, love this book. Only a few hundred and thirty something pages long, this book has been probably on my top three faves of all time. I don't know why I decided to read it again, but I couldn't help it and finished it in less than a day. It's fascinating. The story of the Tucks has captivated me since the first time I read it back in sixth grade. I'm pretty sure that no one else in my English class from sixth grade has ever touched this book again. Or maybe I'm wrong, but I could damn well bet on it. Anyways, read it + love it.



  1. I would have drank the water. For sure.

  2. Hello :) I saw your comment in the "We Love Comments" section of 20SB and decided to stop by. Great blog! I love books, and am often caught in that reading multiple books/stories at once scenario.

    Wow, "Tuck Everlasting". That's a really good blast from the [elementary school] past.