Jun 22, 2009

Review | Go Ask Alice - Anonymous

 The torture and hell of adolescence has rarely been captured as clearly as it is in this classic diary by an anonymous, addicted teen. Lonely, awkward, and under extreme pressure from her "perfect" parents, "Anonymous" swings madly between optimism and despair. When one of her new friends spikes her drink with LSD, this diarist begins a frightening journey into darkness. The drugs take the edge off her loneliness and self-hate, but they also turn her life into a nightmare of exalting highs and excruciating lows.

Although there is still some question as to whether this diary is real or fictional, there is no question that it has made a profound impact on millions of readers during the more than 25 years it has been in print. Despite a few dated references to hippies and some expired slang, Go Ask Alice still offers a jolting chronicle of a teenager's life spinning out of control.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I didn't like the writing style, and it may because it was in the 70's I believe, but it was still pretty cheesy and not believable. I've heard that the same editor to this book, edited Jay's Journal, and the similarities in both make it hard to believe this work isn't fictional.
This is the kind of book you expect to be powerfully good, to make you to stay away from drugs because of the way it ruined someone's life. It wasn't. I don 't want to go out and try acid either, but it wasn't as motivational as I thought it would be.
It was a bit interesting, whether the story was true or not.

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  1. The book cover freaks me out! :\

    You should try Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, if you haven't yet. It's great. One of my favorite books of all time.