Sep 18, 2009

Review | Dancing with Ana by Nicole Barker

Beth is a lucky girl... She comes from a loving family. She has three best friends. She loves to surf and lives five minutes from the beach. She also recently discovered that the boy she's grown up with has the most amazing green eyes... Beth has every reason to smile. Every reason to be happy. Every reason to feel blessed.

Then why is she sticking her fingers down her throat?

Thoughts: This is a quick and enjoyable book that deals with teen issues, such as weight problems, anorexia, and divorce. Beth is a typical teenager, but inside she is suffering from her parents divorce, and the distance that is growing between her and her father. Instead of talking about it, she closes up and does not tell her three best friends what's going on emotionally inside her.
When the four best friends begin to diet to lose a few pounds, Beth finds herself unhappy when she finally reaches her goal and the diet soon escalates dangerously and she doesn't know how to change the situation she's in or what's causing it. The people who love her begin to help her, by showing her support and she learns to deal with the pain differently and soon begins to eat again.
This story, although good, was too short to satisfy me. I do not think that all the events that took place in the book could happen over three weeks. Realistically, it would have taken a few months for all this to take place, and maybe the author could have made the book a bit longer.
Another thing that I didn't like too much was the ending. The book is only 170 pages long and with about twenty pages left, the author added a solution to everyone's problem and a happily ever after, which to me seemed a little forced. There definitely should have been more pages to make the conclusion more realistic than what it was.
I think this was a good book, that talked about many problems teens today face. The characters are detailed well, and you feel like you know them, but a little more length would have helped bunches. I also thought the title of this book was great, I loved it, especially after reading this.

happy reading :)

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