Nov 1, 2009

Review | Prince Harming Syndrome: Break Bad Relationship Patterns for Good—5 Essentials for Finding True Love (and they're not what you think)

Prince Harming Syndrome by Karen Salmansohn (ARC)

Salmansohn’s personal overcoming of difficult relationship traps has become Prince Harming Syndrome a brand new self-help book that mixes Karen’s life experience and the philosophy of Aristotle to create an intimately witty and personal account for women of all ages looking to break their bad habits for good! Karen will teach you how to seek out the 5 essentials for true love NONE OF THEM being what you'd normally think about looking for! For example, one essential is to seek a guy who "values growing." If your man doesn’t value growing, then your relationship won’t survive because a relationship is only as strong as its weakest moments. If your man values growing, he will be open to discussing problems, meeting your needs and evolving so as to make sure problems don’t keep repeating.

Thoughts: I am not a huge self-help book fan, but I was nicely surprised to find myself reading and enjoying this book. Salmanhson finds a way to write this book in a humorous and witty way, yet very informative and useful, on how to know the difference between a Prince Harming and a real Prince Charming.
She uses her own life stories, as well as a fun twist to Aristotles philosophies, to explain the difference between an egomate and a soulmate. Her voice and humor make all the information and techniques so easy to understand, and it was more like getting advice from a friend, than reading a self-help book.
There are also a few parts that you can add in your own ideas and thoughts, including a few lists you can make that add so much more to the book. This is a great book for anyone seeking advice on a life long relationship with your soulmate...not your cell mate!

Here is a quick book trailer if you want to learn more :)

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