Jul 8, 2011

Book Jewelry: Harry Potter

Harry Potter is still one of my favorites, so obviously I decided to pick him as my first "real" subject on books. There is lots of stuff about Harry Potter out there, and I was able to find some neat jewelry on it. Definitely going to get me some of these things I found...

via KayleighM
If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll know what these spells mean. Aren't these just so cool! This was one of my favorite spells, and I am now in like with these!

via mehaasp
This is just a gorgeous snitch, and one of my favorite finds. I love it!

via KayleighM
Those three little stars that can be found on every page of every Harry Potter book in a pretty little ring :)

via MadamePoindextra
I have debated with myself if to get this exact quote (or "Mischief Managed") tattooed on me. This is a favorite, I must get this :)

via MadamePoindextra
Sirius Black is my favorite character. I saw this and thought of him, the awesomest prisoner Azkaban has ever seen..

via trophies
I need this!

via GreekArt
A HP pendant is great any day :)

As you can see, there is plenty of Harry Potter stuff to find. These were all on the first page of searches that I looked at, so there is obviously lots more HP goodies out there. I am going to go continue searching now, and maybe get myself a thing or two :)


  1. I .... just fell in love with HP all over again. These are GREAT!!

    Thanks so much for sharing. I must have that snitch necklace.