Jul 1, 2011

Book Jewelry: Just Books

via HippieKender

I love this set, I think it's ridiculously cute and I wish I could buy it!

via Book Earrings

I found this website accidentally and I love the necklaces! They even have accessories for your hair (second image) Definitely adorable :)

via JewelryDeli
This is definitely one of my favorites, since I wear glasses also. And it's a locket too! :)

via FreshyFig
I love the colors for this one, and I'm not even too fond of gold! The little bird gives it a nice touch of color though. This one is also a locket :)

via anticovalore
A tiny leatherbound book, reminds me of my journals. I love the chain on this one, definitely unique :)

I loved finding all these this time, there is so much book jewelry out there! Etsy.com is definitely my favorite place to find stuff, but there are a few other places that have cool stuff too. Hope you enjoyed the stuff I found and can maybe get yourself something ;)


  1. I love those! They're so unique! I've never been to Etsy.com, but now I need to go.

  2. Those are all ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! :D

    They'd definitely make great gifts for a book lover.

  3. Love Etsy.com and have two pairs of book earrings from one of the stores. My earrings don't have writing on the pages, but still think they're awesome. Love the necklaces!

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