Sep 22, 2011

Author Event | Lisi Harrison Reading & Signing

I was really excited to finally go to an event this year because it had been many years since I'd done so. I was lucky enough to meet Lisi Harrison last night, author of the series Monster High and The Clique. The Barnes & Nobles were the event to place is only a few miles from my house, so after a short 25 minute drive (a little longer than it should've taken because it was rush hour) I got there about 30 minutes before 7pm.

I headed upstairs and I was a little surprised to see so many young girls (between 6-10 years old) and feeling a little intimidated to go sit down immediately among all of them and their moms, I headed back downstairs to the Starbucks. After grabbing a few drinks and a yummy sandwich, I went back upstairs because it was five minutes til showtime.

Lisi Harrison started right off and I immediately thought she was awesome. She was a little unsure on how to start because she claims to doze off easily when people read to her, so she obviously expected us to feel the same way. The girls were really excited to talk to her, but they allowed her to read a few pages of the third book in the Monster High: Where There's a Wolf, There's A Way.

After her reading, she took the time to answer a lot of questions that came from many of the young girls, all excited about the dolls, the website and the clothing line. I had no idea there was so much stuff on the series of books, and I was really surprised on how much I learned. Lisi Harrison was so great too, she answered each question with a lot of detail and I really enjoyed the time she spent chatting with everyone. She even shared some pretty geeky things about herself as a teen and learning about her was such a great experience.

When she was done with the questions, there was a quick raffle...which I almost won but am glad that I didn't because it was the dolls and the girls just about died of happiness when they got them (although I really wanted to grab one of the balloons that they also got!) 

Since it was a small crowd, we all sort of stayed in our seats and waited until the row in front of us got ahead. Lisi was super nice, taking the time to make conversation with each fan and taking pictures. The girl ahead of me had pretty much the entire The Clique series, about 15+ books, and Lisi made sure to sign each one which I thought was really sweet of her (although it made a few rude people behind me a little upset.)

I got a chance to chat with her for a few seconds, but I am terribly shy so I didn't say too much. I did ask to get a picture with her though, of course! The other people we sort of knew stuck around until the end to talk to her I think, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get much in a conversation, so we headed out after I got my books signed (I took my ARC of the first book in the series for her to sign as well)

I had such a great time and I am glad I got a chance to see her. Now, I have to actually read the second and third books in the Monster High series...and maybe even get my hands on some of The Clique books as well.

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  1. :D That looks like so much fun! I haven't been to an author signing in forever :( I must attend one soon!