Feb 9, 2012

Author Event Recap | Megan Miranda Reading & Signing

Last year I got a chance to go to quite a few author events and that made me happy. Earlier this year, I looked for a few events at my local Barnes & Noble and saw that Megan Miranda, author of Fracture was going to be there. I was really looking forward to this and since I hadn't read Fracture yet, I bought it also.

I got there a little late and so Miranda was already talking to everyone. It was a quiet night and there was a smaller crowd than usual, so we still got an up close view of the author as she was talking. She read a little chunk of Fracture and omg! It sounds so good. I haven't read it yet, but I am really looking forward to it. There was a signing afterwards and Megan is so nice! I know that I say that about all author's, but it's so true! She had bookmarks to hand out to fans so I was able to snag one.

There was a quick t-shirt raffle also, and I won! She signed my shirt and even though it is a Large and pretty big on me, I still plan to wear it. I was really glad that I got to meet her

Anyways, it was a simple and sweet event that I am glad I got to go to (even if I was late.)

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