Feb 2, 2012

Blog Tour: Excerpt | Waitlisted by Laurel Gans

Title: Waitlisted
Series: None
Genre: Chick Lit
Publication: 10.04.2011 by Etopia Press
Pages: 203

Kacey Barlow had no idea it would be this hard to get into grad school. Her well-to-do family has been attending UI for generations, and admissions had been recruiting her since high school! She was a shoo-in—that is, until they gave her the boot.

She can’t tell her parents, and can’t stand the thought of her friends going off to grad school without her. Her grades are slipping. Her professors can’t remember her name, and her tutor, Taylor, won’t stop hitting on her when they’re supposed to be studying.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so bad. But it’s not going to help get her a seat in another school...and applications are due in two weeks...

Here is a short excerpt of the first chapter in Laurel Gans' Waitlisted. I will be posting my review of this in the near future and having a giveaway, so look out for that! Enjoy this little sneak peek :)

Chapter 1

Dear Professor Harper,

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to microbiology lab today. My roommate was cooking (well, attempting to cook) when she set off the smoke detector. Now, our entire apartment smells of burnt grilled cheese and Febreze. We are attempting to get the smoke smell out of the carpet now so that we do not lose our deposit at the end of our lease. Thank you for your understanding.

Kacey Barlow

With a little imagination and a click of the send button I have my afternoon free. I sit up on my bed with my legs crossed, the heat of my little computer warming my lap. I can’t help but wonder if the e-mail I sent needed a little more detail to be convincing. Or, perhaps, it had too much detail for a simple get-out-of-lab-free pass. Either way, it is already in the in-box of my professor across campus and I am, most importantly, a senior who is already accepted into grad school. It’s going to be a good day!

I leave my laptop on the bed and stand up to stretch my arms and legs. I haven’t left my bed yet all morning. I couldn’t help it. You try getting out of bed when there is a marathon of The Nanny on. I grab my remote and give my television a break. It’s nearly noon, but I’m still in my plaid pajama pants and faded high school T-shirt.

I leave my room and go directly into the den. It’s not a huge apartment by any means, but for my roommate and me, it’s perfect. On the coffee table are breakfast dishes from yesterday and an unfinished game of Scrabble from the night before. Off the den is a small but functional kitchen. The table is buried under piles of science books covering everything from genetics to organic chemistry. I wish I could say the apartment isn’t usually like this but I can’t. I only lie to professors.

The laminate floor in the kitchen is starting to peel from years of use, and it’s pretty clear the electrical work is not nearly up to code, but I love the place just the same. It’s mine. Well, financially it’s my parents’, but they’re an hour away.

The apartment has an almost eerie silence to it. Not even our neighbor, Noisy Nick, is living up to his well-earned title. Contrary to my little note, I have the place all to myself. My roommate, Natalie, has physics lecture, and that girl does not miss a class. OK, one time she missed a biology lecture, but it was my fault. I had told her it was canceled. I was in the class too, and I had already e-mailed the professor telling him that our apartment had a roach problem, and we needed to wait for the exterminator.

I pop some frozen waffles into the toaster and sit at the kitchen table to wait for the “ding.” Deep within the pile of papers and textbooks, I can hear a low, steady hum. It pauses for a few seconds, then returns. My cell phone. I put it on vibrate last night while Natalie and I were watching a Lifetime movie about a woman having an affair with her brother-in-law who was a kleptomaniac with a drinking problem.

It was really good.

I dig through the mess in search of my tiny link to the outside world. I finally find it and pull it out of the turmoil. I look down at the screen. I don’t recognize the number but I know it is the campus prefix.


“Hi. Is this Kacey?” a man’s voice answers back.


My heart begins to pound. Please don’t let this be Professor Harper. I swear I’ll come to lab next week.

“This is Mark Boyd. Your academic advisor.”

My body relaxes. Screw next week’s lab! “Oh, hi! How are you?”

“Good, um, I need to speak with you about your academic record. Are you free this afternoon to come in?”

I sigh. There goes my afternoon off. “Sure. I can come in.”

“Great. I’ll see you in my office around two?”

“Yeah. That’s fine.”

So much for my free time. I put my phone down and turn to face the odd smell coming from behind me. Tiny waves of smoke grow from my toaster. I jump up and unplug the old machine from the wall. I drop my inedible breakfast into the garbage.

Those were my last two waffles!

The apartment begins to faintly smell of the undesirable odor of smoke. I reach into the pantry and pull out my greatest weapon, a bottle of Febreze. I can’t help but wonder if lies count as lies if they come true minutes later.

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