Jul 30, 2012

Review | Boys Over Flowers, Vol. 1 - 5

Series: Boys Over Flowers
Volumes: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Story and Art: Yoko Kamio
Released: 2003
Age: Young Adult
Art Rating: ★★★
Story Rating: ★★★★
Tsukushi Makino has been accepted into the snobbish Eitoku academy. From a middle-class background and poor compared to her classmates, Tsukushi is determined to get her diploma. Standing in her way is the gang known as F4 -- four handsome but vicious rich kids who rule the school and attack anyone who gets in their way This popular series features drama, romance, humor, strong girls, and cute boys. When her only friend, Makiko, accidentally offends F4 leader Tsukasa, Tsukushi boldly defends her. Enraged, Tsukushi puts the dreaded red tag in Tsukushi's locker -- a sign that she is now a target for the abuse of the F4 and the entire school. But when Tsukushi fights the gang with their own weapon, Tsukasa finds himself falling for her.
I was itching to read a good manga, but not just any manga. I definitely wanted something that was long (20+ volumes) and I wanted something with romance. At the library, I looked at my options and my choices were between Fruit Basket and Boys over Flowers. I figured that BOF had more romance, so I chose that.

I have to admit that at first I was a bit disappointed. The first volume didn't me the way I had hoped, even the initial controversery that pretty much starts the story off happens within this volume. I didn't want to give up so soon though, and I continued reading. By volume 4 (or maybe 5?) I was hooked and wanted to know so much more!

Tsukushi Makino is a simple and poor girl who attends an elite school for her parents sake, pretty much. She feels out of place, but has a few friends. When she stands up for her friend, who is attacked by the infamous and popular clique, the F4 (which pretty much stands for "flowery foursome"...yuck!) she is immediately outcasted. Not only that, but she is also attacked and bullied by everyone in school, and threatened to be expelled from the school. Not one to be pushed around though (which I really liked about her!) Tsukushi stands up for herself against the leader of the F4, Tsukasa, who also happens to be the richest and most powerful student (towards their peers and faculty alike.) The story really starts when Tsukasa falls in and out of love/hate with Tsukushi, only to discover she might be in love with his best friend, Rui, the nicest of the F4. Too bad he's in love with someone else!

And the story only starts there. Soon Tsukushi's life spirals out of control as she finds herself in wild scenarios revolving around beautiful people and lots of money. I was sucked into the story and Tsukushi's misadventures, and couldn't stop reading.
While I wasn't interested in the art much because it wasn't anything special and I got sidetracked with random notes from the author -- which I learned to avoid eventually-- I enjoyed the beginning of Boys Over Flowers immensely. I was pulled into Tsukushi's life and wanted to learn more. I am sure many will enjoy this fun and unique story of love that is full of drama (yum) and "a whirlwind of love and confusion."


  1. I haven't read all of this but i love the drama! At first i was like no i'm not going to read/watch it because of love triangles and all the other things but i fell in love with it. I love everyone in F4 except for Rui.

    Great review! :)

  2. Oooh, I remember when I first started reading Boys Over Flowers, and man, was it wild! I also agree that the art style is nothing to get excited over, but the story just keeps on spiraling here, there, and yonder. I hope you're able to get through all 30+ volumes of the series (as I gave up somewhere in the 20s ^^; ), and if you don't mind subtitles, definitely check out the anime. (I don't recommend it in English because Rui becomes "Louie" which just sounds off to me.) Also, you should definitely check out Fruits Basket, too! There's plenty of romance and drama and comedy, and I think Natsuki Takaya's art is a bit easier on the eyes. :) Enjoy your manga!

  3. I haven't read the manga, but watched the anime. I really loved it!
    The art is not pretty by any means, but the story kept me interested up until the end.
    Oh, and I second Fruits Basket :)

  4. Ahh! I keep trying to get into this series, but I've never been totally successful. I've watched part of the taiwanese drama, and part of the japanese drama, and I just can't bring myself to like Tsukushi. I'm going to (third?) Fruits Basket though, because it is hands-down one of my favorites of all time.

    My manga monday @ Book Brats (Soul Eater Vol. 1)

  5. I have seen this one a few times but it's never caught my interest too much from the description but if you say it has romance and drama then I am all in love. I think those kind of manga are my favourite.

    Scribing Shadows

  6. I haven't heard of this one but it sounds great. You should try Fruits Basket though. I really loved the story.

  7. Preet @ A Written RhapsodyThursday, August 02, 2012 10:50:00 AM

    I've always wanted to check out some Manga but never really know what to get/look for. I'll likely be trying something shorter at first, but this seems cute!