Oct 8, 2012

Manga Monday | Boys Over Flowers, Vol. 6 - 10

Manga Mondays is a meme started by Alison from Alison Can Read in which we share any and all manga that we might be reading.
Series: Boys Over Flowers
Volumes: 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Story and Art: Yoko Kamio
Released: 2003
Age: Young Adult
Art Rating: ★★★
Story Rating: ★★★
Tsukushi Makino has been accepted into the snobbish Eitoku academy. From a middle-class background and poor compared to her classmates, Tsukushi is determined to get her diploma. Standing in her way is the gang known as F4 -- four handsome but vicious rich kids who rule the school and attack anyone who gets in their way This popular series features drama, romance, humor, strong girls, and cute boys. When her only friend, Makiko, accidentally offends F4 leader Tsukasa, Tsukushi boldly defends her. Enraged, Tsukushi puts the dreaded red tag in Tsukushi's locker -- a sign that she is now a target for the abuse of the F4 and the entire school. But when Tsukushi fights the gang with their own weapon, Tsukasa finds himself falling for her.

In the next few volumes, the story really captured my attention and I didn't want to stop reading. Not only does Tsukasa completely change towards Tsukushi (most of the time) but we can really get a feel for his affections. Tsukushi may not be in love with him, but their relationship sort of causes her to feel something for the guy, although it may not be love. Things between these two can get a little intense and that definitely kept me reading more.

After I put the 10th volume down though, I found myself a little hesitant in continuing this series. The first ten volumes were quite fun, but they quickly became a bit redundant even with all the additional characters. I definitely want to know who Tsukushi ends up with...but I don't think I can read 30+ volumes to find out! I got a bit bored with the story and since the art is still more of the same, I don't know how much more I will read. I might pick up the next couples of volumes and see if the story picks up, but otherwise, I might be done with this series.


  1. I watched the Korean drama version of this and hated it. But I've been wanting to watch the Taiwanese & Japanese versions. I haven't really read many mangas at all, my little brother loves them.
    - Camisado Mind

  2. I haven't read the manga but i have watched the Korean drama and fell in love with it.

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.