Nov 5, 2012

An update and some changes.

Oh hello there, it's been a while. I've posted recently, but I haven't exactly been around. I decided to take a break and step away from blogging. I want to relax and read for fun and slowly make my way through books. I want to go away from the pressure of needing to post and come back refreshed and ready to pick up where I left off. I want to review books again, but not just yet. I was easily becoming bored or frustrated when attempting to write up anything so I've decided it's time for some changes to make it more entertaining for myself. 

I have no blog tours set up or reviews scheduled ahead for the rest of the year, so I think I won't see you all until 2013 (that is, if the world doesn't end next month!) I really want to take this break, so I am. I hope to see you all back here when I am ready to start again. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, month and year. Happy holidays to everyone and happy reading :)