Jan 5, 2013

Short Story Saturday: As Blue as the Sky and Just as Old by Nina Berry

Early last year, I took up Lauren's feature (from 365 Days of Reading) and began reviewing short stories. I didn't keep it up too long, but decided to attempt it again with the new year. I am currently reading Two and Twenty Dark Tales: Dark Retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes, which was published in October 2012.

As Blue as the Sky and Just as Old
Author: Nina Berry
Rating: ★½

As Blue as the Sky and Just as Old is a retelling of the rhyme Taffy was a Welshman.

The story definitely grabbed my attention at the start with an intriguing beginning and mysterious characters that I wanted to learn more about. But about halfway through the twenty-one pages of this story, I became pretty irritated with the main character, Aderyn. I liked her at first since she seemed pretty tough, but then she stupidly leaves school with a strange guy mainly because she is captivated by his good looks and blue eyes.

The story is fast-paced, but the actual "retelling" doesn't exactly make sense until it is plainly explained by one of the characters when he brings up the rhyme itself. There was potential to the story but I was unsatisfied with the development overall.

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