Mar 3, 2013

Monthly Rewind: February 2013

February Photo:
The wreath I made for Valentine's day, which is still hanging on our door. 
February in one word: 

Five things that happened in February:
1. I decided to start vlogging again, and even though I recorded videos, I didn't post any up.
2. Finally got to hang out with my besties, after not seeing them for months.
3. I think I can draw now, thanks to my art class.
4. I found a DIY online of cat shoes, and made them ♥
5. Got my ticket to the Caribbean (can't wait for Spring Break!)

Popular songs on my iPod:
Top Books Read: 
A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan

Most Popular Review:

New Obsessions:
1. The color teal, in any shade
2. I am listening to a lot of audio books again
3. Charcoal drawings
4. Instax cameras

Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Blogging again, haha, if I have time. And all the books I am planning to read this month!
2. My trip to the Caribbean during Spring Break, woot :)

Upcoming releases I am looking forward to: 

Another slow month here at the blog. I won't say that I will be more active this month, because I don't know if I will. I am really excited for the books I have picked to read this month though, which include a John Green (my first one, ever!) I might post some more videos on my YouTube channel also, but I am not sure if I'll have time for that either. Hope everyone had an awesome February and a good March. Happy reading :)


  1. That wreath is super cute. YAY CAT SHOES!

  2. That wreath is awesome - I wish I was handy with that stuff!

    I just got back from Cuba a few weeks a go, and would love to go back again before summer starts here; I hope you enjoy your trip!

    And I almost chose teal as one of my wedding colors, but found it was hard to get the same shade of teal for everything.