May 1, 2013

Monthly Rewind | April 2013

April Photo 
I went to the Caribbean during Spring Break and it was just gorgeous!
April in one word:

Five things that happened in April:
1. I went to the Caribbean.
2. I opened a savings account.
3. I got sick a lot.
4. I learned to make a kite.
5. I discovered the awesomeness of Pandora.

Popular songs on my iPod:

Popular on my iPod (April 2013) by Cindy P on Grooveshark 

  Top Books Read: 
Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell 

  Most Popular Review:

New Obsessions:
1. Getting my toe nails done
2. Pandora

Things I'm looking forward to: 
1. Being done with school (May 17th can't come fast enough!)
2. Going to Vegas! 

Upcoming releases I am looking forward to: 

 April was definitely a good month, but slow for reading. Hopefully May will turn out better! Happy reading friends, and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Wow! So glad your vacay in the Caribbean went well! Love the set-up of your monthly rewind posts.

  2. Wow, Caribbean looks beautiful, glad you enjoyed your Spring Break! I'll be done with school in early June and I cannot wait, this heat is killing me. The monthly schedulers are cool and I'm also excited for The 5th Wave, the book has been getting nothing but great feedback.

    Love the layout of your post.

  3. Caribbean...ooooo. :) So close to school being over with, YAY! I really need to read The Immortal Rules. Thanks for sharing, hope May is fantabulous too!