Jan 23, 2014

Review | Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams

I was a little weary going into this one because of the last book I read by Williams (Miles from Ordinary) but because of my love of  The Chosen One, I decided it was only fair to give her writing another shot. I was a little shocked when I opened the book and realized it was written in verse, since I hadn't taken a peek inside when I picked it up from the library. I absolutely love books written in verse (when they are done well of course) and dove right in not really knowing what to expect anymore.

I knew Williams to battle tough topics, but again, I didn't know where Glimpse was going  and ended up being caught off a little off guard when I finally began to realize what was happening to Hazel and her sister Lizzie.

While I was able to figure out what was going on, Williams way of bringing forth the events that lead up to Lizzie and Hope's situation still shocked me a bit. I sort of wanted to be wrong, you know? I wanted to not think that something like this could be happening to these two characters that I had learned to like.  Williams writing pulls these kinds of feelings from me when I read her books which have me thinking of them for months afterwards. For this reason alone, I am glad I gave Glimpse a chance even though I had my doubts.

 The story was told so well I wasn't able to put it down until I was done. The vivid details of the atmosphere, of the settings, and of everything in the story made it feel so real and raw for me. It was a very beautiful, sad story that I definitely recommend, especially for those who are fans of verse style stories. This one is definitely a gem that has gone a little unnoticed. 


Jan 17, 2014

Oh, hello there and happy new year.

Okay, so I'm a little late. 17 days or so to be exact. But hey, I'm here! So I can't say it's been easy or better, but life is starting to work out for me again. And guess what? I miss blogging. I miss all of your pretty blog faces and your reviews. I haven't read a book in months and that makes me want to cry. But enough of regrets. It's a new year!

So for the last two years I have made short lists of goals and resolutions. The first year I did this, my goals were focused on blogging and reading. Last year, I made different lists for reading and personal goals, most of which I didn't accomplish but that's okay. I honestly don't want to set all these unrealistic goals for myself this year, so I've decided to keep it simple.

  • Read books: My Goodreads challenge says 52 books, but it also says I am two behind already. So guess what? I just want to read. It doesn't matter how many. I will be happy with just a few :)

  • Read for fun: I want to read what I want. I still read way to many books I felt "obligated" to read last year. No more of that.

  • Review: By this I mean, keep this blog somewhat active. I don't want to promise myself to review five times a week or even once a week. As long as I review every once in a while, that's great with me.

  • Stay healthy: I did it, I changed my lifestyle and went all healthy. I don't know what it was that finally made me do it, but a few months before the end of 2013, I joined the gym and quit fast food. I don't go every day, but I go at least 3 times a week. And I can't help it, I sometimes have a cheat meal. But I have improved my health drastically and I want to keep it up. And you know the best part? I love running and healthy snacks. Who knew? :)

That's it! Simple right? I think so. I really think this is the best list I have ever made because it's not change. I hate resolutions because I don't keep them for more than a few weeks. Instead, I have decided to do things the way I really want. This is going to be a better year.

Happy 2014 everyone. And happy reading :)