Feb 7, 2014

Literary Fashion | Surface + Let the Sky Fall + Beautiful Bastard

So I only did a two of these literary fashion posts before my unexpected hiatus, so I decided to show off a few of the sets I created from the books I have recently (ish) reviewed. I don't consider myself fashionable or anything, I just find creating these sets a lot of fun, so I decided to incorporate them into my blog along with the books I've read.

This first one I created for Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren, which I read and reviewed yesterday. I am also giving away an ARC of the book, so check that out! For this set, I wanted something dark and sexy, like the cover but also professional since Chloe dresses really nice for work.

Literary Fashion | Beautiful Bastard

Since Surface is about sirens, I wanted the outfit to match the cover, but also have some sea aspects to it. The accessories have seashells, and the heels are "mermaid" ones. The clutch is also scaley to look like maybe a mermaid tail? This one was a lot of fun to put together.

Literary Fashion | Surface

For this Let the Sky Fall set, I definitely wanted to incorporate Audra's wardrobe. She normally wears a leather jacket and boots, regardless of the heat. Since she also uses a sword, her accessories include swords. I don't remember exactly why I added a black dress to this set...maybe she wears one in the book? This one wasn't a favorite, but I loved the colors used for the cover, so I included those as well for the more casual look.

Literary Fashion | Let the Sky Fall

I've created a few more sets based off books, but I am not sure how regularly I'll be posting these. Maybe only once a month or something. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this edition of Literary Fashion.

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  1. I absolutely love the outfits you picked out for the books. Perfect!!