May 28, 2014

The time I decided to keep my blog.


A few weeks ago I considered deleting my blog. My five year blogoversary had come and gone and I had completely missed it. It didn't even cross my mind until a few weeks later.

I realized a few things then.. 1) I didn't really care about this little blog of mine like I had in the past and 2) regardless of that, I didn't want to delete it. There are a few reasons why. While I may have never been really active or popular or a fast reader, it has been a place for me to keep track of my books. That was one of the main reasons why I even started incorporating books into my blog when I first started. At Barnes and Noble I had picked up a book journal to keep track of what I was reading and how I liked it, but I decided that keeping an online journal of that was much better. Also, I have worked pretty hard with all the reviews and such that I have stored away so I can't just delete them.

Does this mean this is the end for my blog and I won't be posting anymore? Nope. I like writing up my thoughts about books for myself. I never requested review books and that was never the purpose of my blog. I know is is for some book blogs, but not mine. In fact, I've never really been able to call myself a "reviewer" because I never felt like I was one. I was just reading books and blabbing about them here.

So there. I'm not gone but I don't expect you to stick around. You can stop by and say hi sometime, but you don't have to. This time, this blog is for me.



P.S. I have deleted most of my social media accounts -- Instagram for the blog, my personal Facebook and for the blog, personal Twitter, all Tumblr accounts, and both Pinterest accounts. I am debating deleting my Twitter for the blog..but then how will you ever get ahold of me?



  1. I am one of those bloggers who seems to be on hiatus. I do not post regularly at all. I cannot even read as often as I wish. However, like you, my blog is not for popularity, attention, or even free books - it is for me. Its worth is based on how I feel about it. I am glad you did not delete your blog and that you realized your true goal, which is similar to mine: documenting the books you've read.

  2. Great post. I think that there can be a lot of pressure blogging but it's important to remember why we do it - because we love to read. At least, I do. I love to read and talk about books. I'm glad you'll still be around, and that you're doing it for you! That's how it should be! :)