Jan 9, 2015

Literary Fashion | Charlotte's Web

Sometime last year I decided to start up a new feature, Literary Fashion. While I've never considered myself to be very stylish or fashionable, I found it to be quite fun to put these outfits together. The normally match what the main character wears or match the cover somehow, and lately I started putting a few more together. Here's one of the older ones I done that I really liked, inspired by Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.
I wanted to keep the outfit relatively simple, and while the dress mostly represents what Fern wears in the book, but the accessories basically focus more on the animals. I really enjoyed creating this one because it was a fun, simple look but it came out kind of classy and I liked that.

1 comment

  1. Seriously, from the dress to the shoes to the bag. LOVE LOVE LOVE Great wonderful job!!! OMG.