Apr 15, 2015

Goodreads challenge and falling behind

Since Goodreads added the annual challenge on the website, I've participated. I've completed it once and it was usually because I would set it unrealistically high that I didn't get to my goal. Last year I set it at 25 books. I came nowhere near it, and ended up just updating it as I finished a book. That's how I finally earned a badge of completion for one.

This year, I've been doing pretty well. Mostly because I've also added the graphic novels I've read and such but now I'm two books behind and that made me a little sad. Not sure if I'll catch up at this rate now. It might seem easy enough but I always have a hard time keeping up. Maybe now that I've started DNF'ing books, I might get through more quicker. We will see how it goes.
Do you participate in the GR challenge? Or any others?


  1. I participate in it every year, and I fail every single year! I always set it way high and don't even come close! It's a bit discouraging to log in and see "you're behind," but I also think it's a really fun challenge.

  2. Definitely fun! It's the only one I have participated so many years in a row. I guess it does also push me a little more though, since I always want to complete it!