Apr 30, 2015

I don't blog for the ARC's...

When I started this blog back in 2009 I didn't know book blogging was a thing. I just started posting about books in a sort of "book journal" kind of way, in order for me to have something to look back years later and reflect. I honestly thought I was being a little unique by doing this. I'm not exactly sure how I stumbled across my first book blog but then I discovered this whole new world! And so my journey into reviewing books began.

After a short time of reviewing, I discovered ARC's. Everyone was getting them and they were...free books! Free books that weren't even released yet! I found it amazing and wonderful and oh I wanted all the books! But...I didn't request any. Part of me believed that I wasn't a good enough reviewer. I was very inconsistent in my reading and blogging habits. So I waited and after a while, I decided I had enough books and I didn't need to request any after all. So there. [Although there was one time that I did request a book, Anna Dressed in Blood, but I didn't receive any kind of response so I figured I wouldn't be getting it and bought it anyways. A couple days after I got my copy, I got a second one from the publisher. I was quite surprised]

The first time an author contacted me was momentous. Why? Because it was Tiffanie DeBartolo that's why. She was one of my favorite authors (still is, no doubt.) On a wishlist type of post I ranted that I wanted to read her other book, How to Kill a Rock star and I was probably going to buy it soon. Her email to me just said simply that her publisher had seen my post, mentioned it to her and would I like a copy of her other book. OMG!! OF COURSE I WANTED HER BOOK AND OMG! A few weeks later, I had a copy in my hands and it was signed to me. First free book from an author and first signed copy. All because of this little blog right here.

I then started receiving frequent offers for ARC's from other authors, mostly indie. It became easy to filter through what I would read, what I probably would never read and what I really would enjoy. Books began piling up on me and I was obsessively buying more. Eventually, I became overwhelmed with it all and stopped. Both blogging and accepting books and reading altogether.

When I finally decided to get back into blogging (which I've done a number of times) I decided not to accept books for review, which I've been good at. That wasn't why I ever did it and I think that when I started getting all kinds of ARC's, I was reading less of what I loved.

Occasionally I'll get books in the mail, because I am on some list somewhere but they're usually genres I do not like so I donate them or give them to family. This past week though, I received a whole box of YA books! A whole box! I was over the moon excited and I really am going to try and get through them. I'll be posting a monthly wrap up of sorts where I'll share what I got.
Do you request ARC's? If not, why? And if you do, do you become overwhelmed sometimes also?




  1. I think you nailed it. When accepting review requests, I am not always reading what I'd like to read. Sometimes I get so behind in my review schedule because I am bogged down with a book I am not really that into. My love of books has turned into an obsession with books, and there is no way I'll ever read all of the books on my shelves and Kindle that I really want to read. I have about six requests via email I got yesterday that I haven't even looked at yet. I love reading and reviewing books, but sometimes I am overwhelmed.
    I have also taken part in some challenges and have included reblogs, and a few non-book related posts. All in all blogging is fun. I definitely need to work on redesigning my blog, but that seems to always get pushed to the back burner.
    I enjoy reading your blog, and I love the name you chose for it.
    Hugs and my best wishes to you.

  2. I love this. I was so much like you when I started. Of course, the idea of ARCs is amazing. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on books months ahead of their release dates? But I didn't request either. If I did, it was through Netgalley. Eventually, when I did start receiving more review copies, it became overwhelming. I actually just returned to my blog after almost a two year hiatus because it just wasn't fun anymore. Thankfully I've been having a blast and reading like crazy.

    Anyone who does this solely for the ARCs won't last long. It takes so much more dedication than "free books" to run a successful blog. Great post! :)