Apr 15, 2015

Review | Blood Red Road by Moira Young

This was a tough one to get into. Not only because of the writing, since it can be a little difficult to understand, but also because I had a hard time even getting into the story. I kept hearing amazing things about this book when it was newly released and even went to meet Young when she was nearby. But after the first twenty or so pages, I got used to the writing and the story began to flow a little better.

Blood Red Road starts off with an exciting scene of fighting and kidnap, but then slows down a bit when Saba, the MC, must make her way through the harsh land in order to save her twin brother from whoever took him, while dragging her little sister along and running into a few problems along the way.

Saba was a tough girl, and even though I'm not sure I ever even grew to like her, I admired her courage. I wish we could've experienced her closeness to Lugh in order to understand her determination to save him, which at times came off as oddly obsessive (but that was okay I guess.)  Her attitude with her younger sister Emmi though, made me want to smack her time and again.

A lot happens in the book, and Saba faces a lot of life-threatening and difficult situations. It was both exciting and emotional, which was certainly what I needed to get through the dialogue that had thrown me off since the beginning. Blood Red Road is definitely an enjoyable read that dystopian lovers will find appealing.

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