Apr 29, 2015

Review | Grayson by Lynne Cox

Okay, the thing about Grayson is that you read the synopsis and...that's it. Basically, there is nothing else to the story. It was cute to start off but it got boring after a bit because of the excessive and unnecessary details that seemed to be there just to fill up the pages.

I get that the author tries to create a sort of "magical" experience for the reader, but I think instead the story is dragged on more than it should be. I did manage to finish the whole book in no time (because it is a short book) but skimmed a huge portion of it, wondering when and if Grayson would actually find his mother.

This one just wasn't for me but I was able to get through it quick enough that when I did finish it, I did not feel frustrated for giving it more time than needed.

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