Apr 14, 2015

Review | The Summer of Skinny Dipping by Amanda Howells

It might be a good thing that I read some books a few years after their release date. Browsing through Goodreads, I was seeing tons of 5 and 4 star reviews and I was thinking...really? I've come to the conclusion that when all the hype has died down and the book has been sitting on my shelf for a few years, I don't feel like I'm expected to love a book. That was the case for The Summer of Skinny Dipping because while I found it okay, I didn't think it was all that cracked up to be.

My first problem with the book was how descriptive it was. Usually, that's a good thing right? With The Summer of Skinny Dipping it felt like too much, forced and flowery when it wasn't really necessary. I can deal with that though, and still enjoy a book. But this one was almost a DNF for me until I forced myself to finish it and for the last 50-100 I just sort of skimmed it to know what would happen next. I wasn't feeling anything for the main character Mia, or any of the other characters which consisted of mostly snobs that I wasn't even sure I was supposed to like. I didn't fall in love with Simon (which is always important for me in the male character) and didn't really feel their relationship was cute or romantic or even necessary. They could've just been friends and it would have had the same effect for me.

Then I realized what was going to happen before it did. I don't know how I figured it out, and if you haven't read the book, this one is supposed to be a shocker, I guess. But I knew it was coming and when it did happen it was more of an "aha!" moment instead of an emotional one for me. And that kind of sucked. Once I found out what the conclusion was, I kept comparing this book to one of my all time favorite adult books with a similar ending and just felt like The Summer of Skinny Dipping didn't provide the kind of emotional attachment I wanted for a book with that kind of ending (which doesn't seem fair when comparing it to another book but oh well.)

I don't mean to bash this book, really. It was a nice enough, fluffyish book that was enjoyed by many readers. It's a book you could probably finish in one day, preferably at the beach and feel satisfied you read it with the perfect setting. I slugged through it in the summer/fall/winter, putting it down one too many times (started it in July but didn't finish it until October...of the next year.) It just didn't work out for me.

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