May 13, 2015

Review | Fairest of All by Serena Valentino

To be honest, the main reason I got this was the gorgeous cover. It's prettier in person than on screen and when I saw a copy I had to have it. That was years ago, so I finally decided to give it a shot. Of all the Disney princesses, Snow White is one of my least favorites, but I was intrigued to read this to find out what re-telling Valentino created for the Wicked Queen. Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed at everything inside the pages.

There were quite a few issues I had with the book and the writing. One of them was how wordy the paragraphs were. There was too much prose, too much unnecessary descriptions, etc. I didn't connect with any of the characters either, and thought they didn't have much depth. I really had a hard time finding the story itself enjoyable since there wasn't anything remarkably unique about it other than learning a little more about the Wicked Queen, which wasn't all that interesting either.

The writing seemed to be directed at very young audiences, but with so much description, I'm sure children would have a hard time getting through this one as well.

I wasn't DNF'ing books at the time that I read this, otherwise I probably would not have finished it. When I saw the author had written a similar retelling of the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" (my favorite Disney movie) I was tempted to purchase it because of the beautiful cover on that one as well. After I looked at the first page, I could tell that it would be another similarly disappointing book and decided not to pick it up.

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