Aug 3, 2015

Monthly Rewind: July 2015 + August TBR

July in one word:

July was such a good month for me, pretty much from beginning to end. I've done a ton of fun stuff this month and I've had just such a blast this summer already.

At the start of the month, I was able to spend a 4th of July with my family. We took a day trip to a tiny Danish town a couple hours away, then came back that night to watch the fireworks at the nearby beach. That same weekend I went to San Diego with the boyfriend and some close friends and just loved the trip!

I also got to go to two Dodger games, a few trips to the beach, and the OC fair where I saw a favorite band live. I've also had several other fun and random adventures, including new restaurants, bars, movies, friend hangs, bonfires, parties and other fun stuff.

But I was also in sort of a reading slump. Basically, I blame it on the book I was reading because I wasn't enjoying it very much and had a difficult time really getting into it. Nowadays, I would've placed it on my DNF list and moved on, but I got this book for review (requested it myself, unfortunately) so I felt that to give it the most honest review, I would have to actually finish it. So I did.

5 Things that Happened in July

1. I started reading some manga again. Thanks to my younger cousin, I learned of an app for my iPad that offers tons of free manga. I am really excited and have gotten sucked back into Boys over Flowers which is  a series I never finished but always wanted to. Especially cause I want to watch the drama on Netflix as well.
2. I tried my first s'more! And it was amazing, seriously.
3. I discovered a few new bands that I am in love with and have really gotten into. Not sure if I learned of all of them in the month of July but it seems like it!
3. I went to Sea World for the first time as an adult! I know that this park gets a lot of negativity but I really wanted to go and got a chance to experience it as an adult. It was pretty awesome, even though it was a little sad too..
4. I didn't go to Disneyland the entire month. Since I got my Disney pass back in September of 2013 (but especially after joining a social club and later starting my own in early 2014) I haven't gone an entire month without at least one Disney trip. This was in part because I haven't paid for my pass and also because I did so many other things instead this month! It was kind of...freeing. But I can't deny that I miss it, especially when I see all my friends continuously post about their own trips.
5. I tried a bunch of craft beers that I really liked! I love checking in with an app I downloaded earlier in the year, and it has also made me want to explore all the kinds of beers there are. I really love the experience altogether, and have found several friends who also enjoy trying new ones with me too.
New books on my shelf:


Reading Goals:

The only book I read last month was Very in Pieces, but I did read a few manga, although I'd read them before so I don't think they count (I'm just reading them to refresh my memory of the story and finish the series this time) but this month, I hope I'll get through more books, including re-reading Harry Potter for the first time in years and years!
Absolutely True Lies by Rachel Stuhler (currently reading)
Madly (The Potion Trilogy #1) by Amy Alward
A Curious Beginning: A Veronica Speedwell Mystery by Deanna Raybourn
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

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