Nov 25, 2015

Review | The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Title: The Merciless by Danielle Vega
Series: The Merciless #1
Genre: YA - Horror
Publication: June 12th 2014 by Razorbill
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Synopsis: Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned

Brooklyn Stevens sits in a pool of her own blood, tied up and gagged. No one outside of these dank basement walls knows she’s here. No one can hear her scream.

Sofia Flores knows she shouldn’t have gotten involved. When she befriended Riley, Grace, and Alexis on her first day at school, she admired them, with their perfect hair and their good-girl ways. They said they wanted to save Brooklyn. They wanted to help her. Sofia didn’t realize they believed Brooklyn was possessed.

Now, Riley and the girls are performing an exorcism on Brooklyn—but their idea of an exorcism is closer to torture than salvation. All Sofia wants is to get out of this house. But there is no way out. Sofia can’t go against the other girls . . . unless she wants to be next. . . .

In this chilling debut, Danielle Vega delivers blood-curdling suspense and terror on every page. By the shockingly twisted end, readers will be faced with the most haunting question of all: Is there evil in all of us?

Thoughts: I think if The Merciless was like the last 20 or so pages, it would've really been a horror novel. I guess it really depends on what scares people though. It seemed to want to shock readers more than terrify them and it left me feeling a little disappointed. Yes, it was bloody and gory and cruel, but no it wasn't exactly scary or creepy.

The book introduces the characters in a somewhat rushed way, and I never really connected and got a feel for them before the real gore begins. That's mostly what it is. It's Mean Girls gone psycho killers and there are really so many similarities between the girls in The Merciless and the ones in Mean Girls that I snickered a few times while reading the first 200 or so pages of this book.

In the end, there's a twist that left me wondering...what the hell happened?

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