Jan 19, 2016

Read | Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr

I don't really know why but Carnival of Souls took me months to finish. Normally, when I find a good book I can get through it pretty quickly but this one took me a while.

I liked the plot, the story building was well done, and all the characters were interesting... but it somehow wasn't fulfilling. At some points I was almost bored too, but yet felt that this deserved a higher rating (that's why I gave it four stars.) Its difficult to explain my feelings because I thought it was really good yet there was something about it that didn't make me completely love it and I can't put my finger on it.

I think this is in large part due to having a cliffhanger ending + no sequel in the near future. There is a short novella I might pick up but would really like to see where the story goes.

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