May 23, 2016

Review | Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

Title: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
Series: N/A
Genre: Adult - Historical Fiction
Publication: September 10th 2013 by Little, Brown and Company
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Synopsis: Set against Iceland's stark landscape, Hannah Kent brings to vivid life the story of Agnes, who, charged with the brutal murder of her former master, is sent to an isolated farm to await execution.

Horrified at the prospect of housing a convicted murderer, the family at first avoids Agnes. Only Tóti, a priest Agnes has mysteriously chosen to be her spiritual guardian, seeks to understand her. But as Agnes's death looms, the farmer's wife and their daughters learn there is another side to the sensational story they've heard.

Riveting and rich with lyricism, BURIAL RITES evokes a dramatic existence in a distant time and place, and asks the question, how can one woman hope to endure when her life depends upon the stories told by others?

Thoughts: I had a hard time getting into Burial Rites, partly because of the difficult name pronunciation and partly because the story sort of dragged on for the most part. While the premise was interesting, the story itself was boring and we did not learn much about Agnus until much later in the book. By then, I was already skimming the pages to get to the end of the book. I never really liked the characters much, and really did not sympathize for Agnus or the family she was staying with.

Burial Rites was uninteresting, and simply not for me. I made myself get through the whole thing but really wished I hadn't spent so much time on it :/

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