Jun 2, 2016

Audiobook | Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

I mostly stayed away from Sarah Dessen books these past few years because I felt like they were all similar and sort of dull. I liked them but I couldn't see what the big deal was. I think I burned myself out by reading too many, back-to-back. I was a little weary when I downloaded Saint Anything, especially because of the length, but I wanted to give her writing another shot.

Saint Anything made me realize that I've been missing out. Not only did I love the story, I also adored the characters. I felt like Sydney was my friend and I just wanted her to find herself, be with Mac, and just hang out with Layla all the time.

The friendships, romance, and parent relationships all felt real. It had been a while since a book made me feel like this one did. Once I was finished, I missed the characters. I wanted to know more, know they were okay. I hadn't felt a connection to characters since All the Bright Places.

From several other reviews, it seems that this one was a bit different than other Sarah Dessen books, and I'm glad. I was able to definitely enjoy her writing a lot more this time around and am looking forward to her future work. I definitely recommend Saint Anything for anyone looking for a contemporary book to read this summer, this one is great.

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