Aug 1, 2017

A Quick Update

I was doing really well for a couple weeks there and then the Booktubeathon happened over on YouTube and Instagram and Twitter, that I literally forgot to post anything here for a couple days. By the time I remembered it was already half way through the week and I was trying to read more for the readathon, so I decided to take a week off from blogging. Now the readathon is over and I decided to join a new one for this week. So I decided to pop over here really quick and say that I'll try to post a review or two this week, or something, but it's not likely.

I am really excited to be participating in these readathons, they've pumped me up to read more, and I was sort of going in and out of slumps for the past couple months there, and now I'm not. I posted my TBR for my current readathon (the Alphabethon) which just started today and goes until August 6th. I had a lot of fun choosing the books for this one, and am going to be reading books that have been on my shelves for years. Although to be honest, I am currently still reading one of the Booktubeathon books at the moment. But I am going to get to my new TBR soon!

Anyways, I'll be back to regular posting next week when I have more time to focus on my blog. I know that I could probably get a review out every day but I really have been using all my free time to read, and that has been really nice.

Happy reading :)

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