Aug 14, 2017

Unfinished Reads #4

Scars by Cheryl Rainfield

I was extremely disappointed, I couldn’t even really read the book, sort of had to skim to the end. The writing was choppy and I had a hard time liking or connecting with the protagonist. While dealing with such a difficult topic, I found the author sort of rushed the ending and wrapped it up too nicely to feel realistic. Not what I was expecting; this book was not for me.


Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford

I found this book to be dull, and really had a hard time concentrating on the story. I did not finish it because I was not able to connect with the MC. The character development wasn’t well executed, and felt no problem just DNF’ing this one. I am only giving this two stars because some of the secondary characters were a bit more interesting and the story had potential.


The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan

All I could really think while reading this was, "What the hell is this about?!" and then about 20 pages in I realized I didn't want to waste my reading time this summer trying to make myself like something I didn't even understand. So I skimmed a few more pages, nothing caught my interest, and I decided not to continue.

Rating: DNF

Honeybee: Poems Short Prose by Naomi Shihab Nye

I was excited to read this book of poetry but it turned out to be a little boring; the poems didn't flow with one another and for the most part, I couldn't connect with them. I also skimmed through her short stories cause I found myself not caring.

Rating: DNF

Cathy's Book by by Jordan Weisman, Sean Stewart, Cathy Brigg

I was intrigued at the beginning of the book, but around half-way I really lost interest. It was written in sort of a diary entry but there were some fantastical elements that weren't immediately explained. Either way, I found myself not connecting with the MC and really didn't want to know the secrets she was trying to uncover. After about 40% I decided to skim to the end, but I was okay leaving this one unfinished.

Rating: DNF

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