Sep 16, 2017

Short Story Saturday | The Lighthouse Keeper by Daisy Johnson

This feature was created by Lauren from 365 Days of Reading

Title: The Lighthouse Keeper by Daisy Johnson
Anthology: Fen: Stories
Rating: ★★

One Line Summary: The story of a solitary life by the sea, and a woman’s courage.

Thoughts: I probably didn't "get" this one. I mean, I do get that it is about a woman who has a job that normally is only given to men, and works where there is male domination. I appreciated that our protagonist was a woman, and that she was going against the odds, and female empowerment, etc. but the story just felt a little bland for me. I mean I get it but I don't get why other people love it, I guess.

This is another story that I listened to on the podcast Levar Burton Reads, and if it wasn't for his narration, I probably wouldn't have finished this story. I am still trying to enjoy short stories, even though they are usually not my cup of tea, but I guess this one was especially not for me.

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