Jan 3, 2018

New Year & Goals | 2018

It's already a few days into the new year, what the heck?! I can't believe this year came by so quickly. 2017 didn't go by super fast, but the end of the year sort of sped up and now it's a few days into 2018 and I am just sitting down to write my goals. I am going to make this a quick one, because other than random and extremely ambitious goals, I don't have too many "new goals" for the new year. It's mostly repeats or rollovers from previous years.

Reading Goals
- Read books that I own: I tried this last year, and didn't do so well.
- Read all the Netgalley ARC's I have: I've talked about this already.
- Read the Stephen King books I have planned to: I have a list.
- Read 100 books: I've done 52 books these last couple of years and really want to challenge myself this year.
- Limit book buying to 1 or 2 books a month, max: Because honestly, I can't not buy books.

Blogging Goals:
- Blog once a week: Trying this again.
- Catch up on reviews: I was so close.

Lifestyle goals:
- Continue my workout goals: This last year was the year I finally did it. I'd been trying so hard for so many years to be consistent about my fitness, and I always fell off track. 2017 was the year where fitness literally became priority. I workout weekly, keep track of food for the most part, and really have focused on strength instead of weight loss. It's been great.
- Limit spending: I tend to splurge a lot on things that I don't really need. I hit a bad bump in my finances at the end of 2017, had a breakdown, and vowed to be better. I don't ever want to feel so helpless about money again.
- Travel: I already have a trip planned for February but I want to camp at least once, and go on another cruise (for my birthday hopefully)
- Be happy: Always my #1 goal, even though I mention it last.

None of these are unrealistic, but some are very ambitious. I still think it's worth a try and I guess that's what new year resolutions are all about. Thanks for reading all that and I hope you had and have a happy new year :)


  1. Good luck with your goals! I am focusing on fitness and health this year too. It's hard but I am already succeeding! I hope you get all of your books read.

  2. I'm also challenging myself and trying to read 100+ books this year, fingers crossed for both of us! :)