Feb 9, 2018

Review | The Green Mile by Stephen King

Title: The Green Mile by Stephen King
Series: #1-6
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Format: Audiobook/Paperback
Source: Library/Borrowed

SynopsisWelcome to Cold Mountain Penitentiary, home to the Depression-worn men of E Block. Convicted killers all, each awaits his turn to walk "the Green Mile," the lime-colored linoleum corridor leading to a final meeting with Old Sparky, Cold Mountain's electric chair. Prison guard Paul Edgecombe has seen his share of oddities over the years working the Mile, but he's never seen anything like John Coffey--a man with the body of a giant and the mind of a child, condemned for a crime terrifying in its violence and shocking in its depravity. And in this place of ultimate retribution, Edgecombe is about to discover the terrible, wondrous truth about John Coffey--a truth that will challenge his most cherished beliefs....

Thoughts: There's a lot I can say about this one, but first, let me say this is one of my new Stephen King favorites. This one isn't a horror or a thriller the way its categorized on Goodreads. This one is about a set of characters that you will come to really love. This is a sad story with lots of happy little moments sprinkled in.

The Green Mile is about friendship, very difficult ones at that, as it takes place in a state penitentiary where criminals await their turn on old sparky (the electric chair). I knew what was going to happen because I'd seen the movie countless times, but this book still broke my heart and made me cry. I still tear up to think about it, even though it has been a few months now. There are small but important details that they don't add in the movie but add more to the story, so I am glad I finally gave the book a chance.

This is definitely an amazing book and one of King's best. The book-to-movie adaptation is also an amazing one.

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