Thanks for stopping by my little blog and wanting to learn more about me :) I'm Cindy, a twenty-something-year-old college student studying to be a librarian. I live in SoCal, where the weather is awesome all year long and we get tons of author events (...curious to see who I've met?).

I've been reading forever and love mostly YA, romance, mystery, and horror. I've been working on this list of books, and this one too, for years. I'm a slow reader and have a hard time finishing series.          

I started writing my thoughts on books back in 2009, and I had no idea there was an entire world of book bloggers out there. My blog has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years, but the sole purpose is to share my thoughts on my most recent reads, whether through quick reviews, blog tours, outfit posts, or book hauls. I also participate in memes, have a few features, giveaways, and other personal posts scattered here and there, and while I've gone on plenty of blogging breaks, I enjoy it.

Want to gush over books with me? Send me an old fashioned email.