May 3, 2009

Review | A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

I haven't ever really been a Shakespeare fan, but I loved this book. The story was lovely and although I was a bit confused of course, I really enjoyed reading it. I've only read a few other of his books, like Romeo and Juliet of course and As You Like It. The new old friend let me borrow this book, and although I am infamously known for keeping every book ever given to me to borrow, I always return a copy. It may not be the same copy but it's still the same book. So I was browsing through Borders recently and I was looking through for a copy of this book. Instead I had the bestie pick out any Shakespeare book. He picked up Richard III, I believe. Although I didn't buy it, it's my goal to read that Shakespeare book next. Whenever next is, because I'm stuck on quite a few books at the moment.


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