Apr 27, 2009

Quick Reviews #1

Staked (Void City, Book 1) by J.F. Lewis

I love vampires. I am a vampire (not really, but I can dream can't I?) And vampire books fascinate me. I hadn't read a vampire book since Breaking Dawn, and I was super excited when I picked this one up at Borders for about four bucks. The main character is Eric. Eric is a vampire with short term and long term memory loss. His girlfriend Tabitha, wants to be a vampire just like him so they can be together for eternity. When he decides to turn her, most of his problems start. With some gruesome fighting scenes, and some sex scenes, this book is for older teens and adults. The ending is not satisfying at all, and I assume will continue on in the sequel which I look forward to reading. Sort of. I enjoyed it, but not. It was humorous and entertaining, but not so much of a page turner that kept me coming back for more.

100 Bullets Volume 1: First Shot, Last Call by Brian Azzarello

My first graphic novel of the year. My friend has a collection of all sorts of graphic novels, and since I joined the Graphic Novel Challenge this year, I asked him to let me borrow a good one. He thought about it for a while and then told me I might like the 100 Bullets series. I believe he has all of the published ones, and I pulled the first one off his bookshelf. What's it about? I asked. I wasn't too sure if I would really like it. "Okay. Imagine you're content with the way your life is. Something happened that changed everything about the way you lived, but now you're okay with your life. Now imagine, a man you have never seen pulls up in a car next to you. He tells you he knows you, and what happened to you. He gives you a briefcase. Inside is proof that one person is responsible to why things went wrong in your life. There is also a gun and one hundred bullets. Each bullet is untraceable and if you decide to use it, you won't be caught" I was so intrigued about what he said that I borrowed the first two and breezed through the first one. It wasn't exactly how he described it, but it gets better the farther you get into it. Its only one hundred and twenty something pages, so its a quick read. It's really interesting and I liked it.
"If a stranger offered you the chance to get away with murder...would you take it?

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