Jun 24, 2011

Book Jewelry: Coffee with my Books

I love me some coffee. I try not too drink too much, not only because it can keep me up for hours, but because of all that...caffeine o_O But I have pretty much drank coffee since I was a kid (I know, totally bad) My grandma never believed coffee could be bad for children...and really neither do I. Well, let's not get into that topic...

I've always loved coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Yummy. So when I plan to read for a while at night, I make myself a warm cup of coffee and sit with my book to read. To me, they go hand in hand and I know some of you out there can understand. As my first jewelry-book-related-post, I decided to go with coffee, just because :)

via shimrit'a
I think I died a little when I saw this necklace. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? It looks so perfect, with whipped cream, strawberry and all! I need one :)

via IvieRidge
Simple, unique and totally lovely. Definitely like :)

via PunkyBunny
I don't wear earrings too much, especially not small ones like these, but I couldn't help fall in like when I saw these. Totally adorable :)

via FunkyRecycling
Not only is this really cute, but its made from a recycled soda can! How awesome is that?

via kittybelle

I love that there are coffee bean looking beads on this; just perfect :)

I was surprised at how easy it was to find coffee jewelry, especially on etsy.com. This was definitely fun and I look forward to sharing more book jewelry with you all :)


  1. That first necklace is so adorable! I love coffee, too, but usually drink tea when I curl up with a book in the evening so that I can easily fall asleep after.

  2. Those are all adorable! The first one's definitely my favorite :)