Oct 5, 2011

Blog Tour: Review & Guest Post | Time of the Faeries: Afterlight by J. Corsentino

Title: Afterlight: End of the World
Series: Time of the Faeries Part 1
Author: J. Corsentino
Genre: Fantasy Art Novel
Pages: 98
Source: Bewitching Book Tours

Summary: Time of the Faeries: Afterlight is a four-part graphic novel series that explore the origins of the Faeries, the evolution of Angels and Vampires from a common Fae ancestor, and their own unique adaptations to the modern world. It follows the alliances and tensions that develop between these three species as they struggle to protect human civilization or shape it to their will. The Afterlight follows several lines of cause and effect, revealing possible versions of the Apocalypse at the hands of all three species.

In the first book, Afterlight, End of the World, we begin at the end with the Angel Apocalypse: a dying Earth, ravaged by war, now hosts only a few scattered pockets of humanity. These last survivors are being hunted to extinction by starving Angels, their energy consumed so that the Angels might live. Below ground, a small band of shape-shifting male faeries called the Phelans struggle to protect the last collection of human life in Los Angeles and a mysterious young girl who may hold the key to their survival. Above ground, as the winged forces amass to complete their genocide, a lone Angel named Halyon struggles to understand what went wrong, and why her race now hunts the very people they were charged to protect.

Cover: Amazing! Love it and all the art inside.

Thoughts: Time of the Faeries: Afterlight is pretty much about the art which is freakin' amazing, but it also contains a fascinating story between its pages that will capture readers and create fans of this beautiful new series of fantasy novels.

I was really interested right from the start because Time of the Faeries: Afterlight starts off with a destroyed Earth. After a third world war, few surviving humans remain and fight each other to survive. Then, Angels come down to help them but a group of humans rebel against them. The Angels then begin to die, and in order to survive, they must consume the energy in the humans. And so the fourth world war against humans and angels begin.

The story continues with the world at war and the story was so unique an engrossing, but I have to admit, I was more interested in staring at the pages. The art in Time of the Faeries: Afterlight is simply beautiful and so realistic. I kept turning the pages before even finishing the text just so I could look at the next page because each one was so different from the last and so fantastic.

Time of the Faeries: Afterlight is definitely one I recommend, especially for fantasy lovers or those of you who might be interested in a short, but engaging story. The art blew me away and the fact that there is a great story too makes this beautiful work by Corsentino something that shouldn't be missed. I am looking forward to reading the next few novels in the Time of the Faeries series. Check out an excerpt here!

About the author:

Joseph Corsentino is a storyteller at heart who chooses photography as his medium. He took his passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy to Los Angeles where he began Time of the Faeries, an epic retelling of the faerie mythology. His stunning, ethereal, and realistic faeries, angels, and vampires can be seen in private collections and magazines all over the world. His first book, published by Imaginosis Publishing, is a prologue into the Time of the Faeries universe. Joseph is currently completing the four-part Afterlight graphic novel series and making appearances at conventions such as Dragon*con.
Help me welcome the author as he shares with us how the creation of Time of the Faeries began...

The Red Light District of Tijuana and Faeries
Hello Oodles of Books. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my Fantasy graphic novel series Time of the Faeries: Afterlight.
Today, I would like to share with you the story of how Time of the Faeries began seven years ago.

My wife, then girlfriend, and I visited Tijuana, Mexico one weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in its hedonistic celebration of all things touristy. If you visited Tijuana several years ago, you know what I mean. Entire blocks were devoted to tourists, full of hotels, restaurants, and bars. The streets were clean, not a tree out of place.

Not content to stay on the beaten path, we wandered away from the tourist center, made a turn somewhere, and stumbled upon a street full of...teenage, undernourished prostitutes...lined up like sacrifices on both sides of the street. Shocked, I lifted up my camera, and immediately, all the girls turned their faces and bodies to the wall.
The contrast between this street and the tourist block we just left broke our hearts. My wife and I were angry, indignant, and helpless. The things our modern society have done to our vulnerable children sickened us. As an artist, all I can do is translate what I saw, into art, and from there, the Street Faeries evolved, innocent beings corrupted by our urban cities, forced to subsist on the streets of LA, tearing off their own wings, grinding it into dust, snorting it up, just so they can feel a bit of the magic they lost.

That first creation evolved into a 10,000 years story line that became Time of the Faeries. The Afterlight graphic novel series explores in depth, all in a metaphorical sense in a Fantasy setting, our many social ills...and perhaps, at the end, there will be hope.
Please, join me in The Afterlight and take this 10,000 years journey with me.

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