Jun 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Reasons I Love Goodreads

I know I stumbled across Goodreads on a lifestyle blog, it was a widget on the side and I clicked and became a part of Goodreads immediately because books are
my lifea huge part of my life. It also kickstarted my whole book blogging life. I started over on the website vox.com and then wandered around in different places before I landed on Blogger.com and my blog took off from there.

Fast forward to now (8 years later) and I still love Goodreads. Here are my top ten reasons why:

  1. It's a social network for books/readers: I have found so many books, so many friends, so many blogs.

  2. I can share what I've read with people in real life: my book blog life and my real life have never really connected, so I like that little feature that when you finish a book, you can post it on your Facebook wall. I just like people I know in real to know what I'm reading too LOL.

  3. The Goodreads challenge: I always set a certain number of books and even though I have mostly failed to complete the challenge each year, it's my favorite

  4. Goodreads groups: They're like virtual book clubs and don't have to be book related.

  5. Tracking my books with shelves: one of my favorite features is how easily you can add books to several shelves, create new ones, edit old ones, etc. It's a simple system that I've been using for all these years to keep track of what I read.

  6. Recommendations: Like I said, I have found so many books just by having a Goodreads account, but I also like that it offers recommendations on the side, that whole "Readers also enjoyed" and "Because you read___, a few similar books" because I always find more books to add to my TBR.

  7. Quotes: one of my favorite things in the world is finding and saving quotes. I used to do this on a WordDoc but now I have Goodreads to keep track of all the ones I love. I always go back to it, add new ones, or use them for something or other.

  8. I can read other readers reviews, and I do this often.

  9. Quizzes and polls are fun and they have tons to participate in!

  10. Goodreads Choice Awards were readers get to vote on books they thought were best for each year.

There are tons of other reasons why I love Goodreads and these are in no particular order, I just wrote them as they came to my mind. If you haven't signed up for Goodreads account, even if you aren't a regular book blogger, I still recommend it for keeping track of your books or finding new books that might interest you.

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  1. Yesss! I entirely agree! GOODREADS IS MY FAVOURITE. I really really love tracking books and organising them on shelves and reviewing. <3 And it's awesome to connect to other bookworms! I know like zero bookworms in-real-life, so Goodreads let's me rant and flail to other readers and it's THE BEST. I think GR is one of my favourite sites out there honestly. XD Here's my TTT!

  2. I am fairly new to Goodread, thanks for ideas for how I can take fuller advantage of it.

    My TTT list