Nov 22, 2016

Unfinished Reads | Summer 2016

A Game of Thrones by G.R.R. Martin

While it's very interesting, I was reading this for about 4 months and only got about 100 pages into it because it was so dense.

Instead, I ended up watching the show and loved it so much, that I do plan on giving this series another chance soon. I definitely want to try reading this again but plan on reading it at a slow pace then as well.

Rating: DNF

Where It Began by Ann Redisch Stampler

I was really excited to finally read this one after putting it off for years, especially since I had met the author a couple times.

Unfortunately, I found to be the main character and her parents to be unbearable. I hated the dialogue, the main character's thoughts, and the entire plot was just ugh to me. I was really disappointed with how much I disliked this one, but will definitely give this author another chance with other work. I technically "finished" this one but I really only skimmed the last half to find out what actually happened.

Rating: ★

The Summer of No Regrets by Katherine Grace Bond

There were a couple things that bothered me from the start, but the mostly farfetched beginning had me rolling my eyes, and I knew it was a bad start. I had a hard time liking the main character, or her parents. Also, the romance seemed very unrealistic.

I got about 21% into it before I decided I wasn't really interested in continuing.

Rating: DNF

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

This was my first Vonnegut book and I was pretty excited because of the praise this author receives. Not sure if it was this book, or if maybe I am not going to be a fan of his writing, but Slaughterhouse-Five was so lame. Half the time I was wondering what in the world was going on, who was narrating the story, and really, what was the point? But I really wanted to push through so instead of continuing to read it, I downloaded an audiobook copy of it instead of hoping I'd get through it that way.

Wrong. I found myself daydreaming for a lot of it, and having to rewind it constantly to catch what I had missed. About 40% of the way through, I decided to give up. I definitely want to look into more of Vonnegut's books; there are plenty to pick from. I hope I have better luck with the next one.

Rating: DNF

Songs for a Teenage Nomad by Kim Culbertson

I wasn't feeling it; the writing felt choppy and I wasn't liking the main character or the immense amount of characters that she meets in the first few pages.

Maybe it's the ARC copy I have, but I wasn't really interested in finishing this one. Only read about 30 pages /:

Rating: DNF

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