Jan 2, 2017

New Year & Goals

This past year flew by! It feels like it's been so long since I sat in front of the computer and written here even though it hasn't been that long. In all honesty, I have struggled to keep this blog going this year. At some point, I think I became unsatisfied with the way I changed my reviews to be really simple like I had originally made them. I am not sure how, or if, I will be writing my reviews from this time forward, but I really want to get back to actually doing it.

I also became a more active booktuber, and my channel has been slowly growing. I post videos almost every week and have really enjoyed that. But this has also caused me to neglect this little blog over here. I plan to change that this year. While I am still getting comfortable being in front of the camera, I find myself most comfortable here. This blog has been a part of me for almost 8 years now, and I love it so much, I can't imagine it not existing.

So like the past few years, with the new year, I figured the best way to jump right back into my blog was to post my goals for the new year. These past few years, my resolutions have been easy. And I want to keep them that way, but also challenge myself just a bit. Here goes nothing...

On books and reading: 
  • I've made my Goodreads reading challenge 52 books these past few years, but this year, I want to try and surpass that goal. 
  • I want to try and read all the unread books on my shelves
  • Limit my book buying (I haven't bought a book since October, so I am doing pretty well there!)
  • Read all the ARC's/e-ARC's I have ever received.
Blogging and stuff:
  • Review most (if not all) the books I read. I have failed so terribly at this. BUT I can have a fresh start
  • Post at least once a week *fingers crossed*
  • Clean up the blog - I transitioned back to Blogger and have tons of broken links, posts that need readjustments, and maybe a few that need to be deleted. I want to focus on fixing and revamping my blog so that I love it again. 
Stay healthy and happy: I did well in staying healthy for the most part and regularly go to the gym these days. This year, I want to disregard my weight loss, and focus more on looking and feeling fit, run more, and maybe, finally participate in a runDisney race. I also want to have another really happy year :)

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